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CHAYO Anti-slip Interlocking PVC Floor Tile K6

Brief Introduction:

CHAYO Anti-slip Interlocking PVC Floor Tile K6 Series, Delight Grid, conveys the delight sense by bright color and realizes the excellent water drainage performance by the design of grid. Slip resistance finish guarantees user a safe flooring.

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Technical Data

Product Name: Delight Grid
Product Type: interlocking vinyl tile
Model: K6
Size (L*W*T): 30*30*1.0cm (±5%)
Material: PVC, plastic
Friction Coefficient: 0.7
Using Temp: -15ºC ~ 80ºC
Color: grey, blue, green, yellow
Unit Weight: ≈367g/piece (±5%)
Packing Mode: carton
Packing Qty: 50 pcs/carton ≈4.5m2
Application: swimming pool, hot spring, bath center, SPA, water park, bathroom of  hotel, apartment, villa, etc.
Certificate: ISO9001, ISO14001, CE
Warranty: 3 years
Product Life: Over 10 years
OEM: Acceptable

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● SAFE: Non-slip surface provides a safe walking and working environment.

● Drainage: The drainage system helps prevent slip and fall accidents and keeps the area clean and dry.

● DURABILITY: PVC material ensures the floor is durable and resilient to withstand heavy traffic and harsh weather.

● INSTALLATION: The interlocking mechanism allows for quick and easy installation without adhesives or special tools.

● VERSATILITY: The tile's adaptability makes it suitable for a variety of spaces and applications.

● CUSTOMIZATION: The option to choose from a variety of colors and sizes allows customers to personalize the look of their floors and create unique patterns.


CHAYO Anti-slip Interlocking PVC Floor Tile K6 Series are made of high-quality PVC material, which has been specially processed to make it have excellent waterproof and draining performance. The size of each piece is 30*30cm, which is not only compact and easy to carry, but also easy to install, which brings convenience to users.

It is abrasion resistant. PVC is known to be a highly durable and long-lasting material that can withstand wear and tear very well. PVC is naturally UV resistant, which helps prevent discoloration, cracking, and other types of damage caused by exposure to sunlight.
The interlocking design of the floor tiles adds an extra layer of durability, preventing the tiles from moving or coming apart, even during high traffic or heavy equipment.

There are evenly distributed small projections on the surface which give our PVC floor tile excellent anti-skid performance. The woven pores on the floor tile are actually hydrophobic holes, which allow the floor to drain quickly, ensuring that the floor remains dry and clean.

Not only that, our PVC floor tiles can help keep floors dry and clean to ensure hygiene and safety in toilets and other water wading areas.

There are many small protrusions on the surface of our PVC floor tiles, these small protrusions can prevent feet from slipping and ensure that users can walk safely. This design can well deal with places where there is water, such as swimming pools, hot springs, bathing centers and toilets.

Our PVC floor tiles come in a variety of colors for you to DIY assemble different beautiful patterns to meet the different needs and preferences of users.

The low maintenance nature of tile means that minimal cleaning and maintenance is required, saving time and money for the user.

It is suitable for places where there usually have watery and slippery conditions.

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