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CHAYO Anti-slip Interlocking PVC Floor Tile K3

Brief Introduction:

CHAYO Anti-slip Interlocking PVC Floor Tile K3 series, with the name of Warm Stone, creates a safe and comfortable floor covering option for you. The paving effect seems to be made of small stones, but it is actually made of soft material, which makes the feet feel very comfortable. It’s color style is quite suitable for public places for rest and recreation, and the small size with interlock are easy tiled for any water related venues like swimming pool, hot spring, bath center, SPA, water park, washroom of hotel, villa, apartment, residential house, etc.

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Product Detail

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Technical Data

Product Name: Warm Stone
Product Type: interlocking vinyl tile
Model: K3
Size (L*W*T): 25*25*0.8cm (±5%)
Material: PVC, plastic
Friction Coefficient: 0.7
Using Temp: -15ºC ~ 80ºC
Color: grey, blue, green, yellow, purple
Unit Weight: ≈230g/piece (±5%)
Packing Mode: carton
Packing Qty: 80 pcs/carton ≈5m2
Application: swimming pool, hot spring, bath center, SPA, water park, bathroom of  hotel, apartment, villa, etc.
Certificate: ISO9001, ISO14001, CE
Warranty: 3 years
Product Life: Over 10 years
OEM: Acceptable

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● Non toxic, harmless, odor free, antioxidant, anti-aging, UV resistant, shrink resistant, recyclable.

● Double front and back structures, with a humanized anti slip texture design on the front, fully enhancing the anti slip performance of the contact surface of the sole of the foot, thereby preventing accidental slips and falls.

● Special matt treatment on the surface layer, which does not absorb light, does not reflect light and glare under strong indoor and outdoor light, and is not prone to visual fatigue.

● The installation of anti-skid floor mats has extremely low requirements for the foundation. Low maintenance costs, high quality, fast paving.

● Long service life, making it the best choice for laying various water related area


CHAYO Anti-slip Interlocking PVC Floor Tile K3 series-Warm Stone is a floor paving choice with anti-skid and water draining function. It is characterized by hydrophobic pores and ingenious surface design, and is suitable for floor covering of water-based places such as swimming pools, hot springs, bathing centers and bathroom.

The size of each piece of this product is 25*25*0.9cm, which is suitable for any large or small area paving. It can be sliced into any size and shape, thus paving irregular shaped ground becomes easier.

It is made of PVC, short for polyvinyl chloride,which is a waterproof and durable plastic material. In terms of ground paving, PVC materials have the characteristics of non-slip, wear-resistant, compressive, corrosion-resistant and fire-resistant, so they are very suitable for paving the ground in water-based places.

Designed with hydrophobic pores makes it have good anti-slip function, and can effectively prevent slipping and injury even in the presence of water. In addition, the surface design is also textured, which is more beautiful and generous, which can add beauty and texture to the floor paving.

Advantages of CHAYO Anti-slip Interlocking PVC Floor Tile K3 series-Warm Stone:

1.Anti-skid function The special surface texture design of Warm Stone can effectively increase the anti-skid performance, and can ensure people's safety even in the presence of water.

2.Excellent water draining function It is designed with hydrophobic pore on the plastic tile which can drain water in short time.

3.Comfort It is made of soft PVC, has good foot feel and resilience, and is very comfortable to step on with bare feet.

4. Beautiful and elegant The surface of the product is designed with texture, as if paved with small stones, which is both classic and modern, elegant and generous.

5. Easy to install The installation method of the Warm Stone PVC plastic floor mat sheet is a lock link, which is simple and convenient, and does not require adhesives or professional skills, and can be easily installed by yourself.

5. Easy to clean Due to the hydrophobic pore design of the product, it is very easy to clean. It only needs to be rinsed with a certain detergent and water, eliminating the trouble of complicated cleaning.

Generally speaking, it is a safe and comfortable floor paving choice. It not only has good anti-skid and drainage performance, but also has the characteristics of beauty and easy maintenance. If you are looking for a new type of water-based ground decoration material, our “Warm Stone” is worth your choice.

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