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Simple Color Vinyl Floors Durable Solid PVC Textured Garage Workshop Floor Tile with Edging

Brief Introduction:

Our garage PVC floor tile model K13-71 measures 50×50 cm, the perfect size to fit any garage or workshop. The square shape and manageable size make installation a breeze, allowing for quick and easy set-up. You can easily create a professional and beautiful workshop space in no time.

PVC industrial checker plate flooring tile is a floor material specially designed for industrial garages ,workshop flooring,warehouse and industrial flooring,Gym Equipment flooring,it has the characteristics of strong wear resistance, good oil resistance, excellent anti-slip performance, shockproof and sound absorption, and quick assembly and replacement. It can provide durable, safe and functional floor materials for industrial garages, improving the use effect and maintenance costs of the garage.

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Technical Data

Product Name: PVC Garage Checker Plate Floor Tile
Product Type: textured
Model: K13-71
Features Anti-skid, wear-resistance,environmental
Size (L*W*T): 50X50cm
Material: Pure PVC
Packing Mode: Carton Packing
Application: workshop ,warehouse,Industrial flooring,gym equipment flooring,garage
Certificate: ISO9001, ISO14001, CE
Warranty: 3 years
Product Life: Over 10 years
OEM: Acceptable

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1.Strong wear resistance: PVC industrial garage floor tiles are made of high-quality PVC materials. They have good wear resistance and can withstand the friction caused by vehicle movement, parking and turning, effectively extending the service life of the floor.

2.Oil resistance: Industrial garages often have liquids such as oil and lubricants overflowing or leaking. PVC industrial checker plate workshop floor tiles have good oil resistance and are not susceptible to erosion and penetration by liquids. They are easy to clean and can keep the ground clean and tidy.

3.Excellent anti-skid performance: Industrial garage floors often have slippery conditions caused by water, oil stains or other liquids. The surface of PVC industrial garage assembled floor mats has been specially treated and has good anti-skid properties, which enhances the stability and safety of the vehicle while driving.

4.Shockproof and sound-absorbing: Industrial workshop floor tiles are often subject to vibrations and noise caused by the driving and operation of heavy vehicles. PVC industrial garage assembled floor mats have good sound-absorbing and shock-absorbing effects, which can reduce ground vibration noise and provide more comfortable and quiet work environment.

5.Quick assembly and replacement:The PVC solid textured durable flooring tiles feature a spliced structure that allows for quick and easy assembly and replacement. This design not only saves construction time and labor costs, but also facilitates the maintenance and replacement of floor mats


Checkered PVC floor tiles are specially designed to be wear-resistant. Whether you're working in a busy garage or a busy workshop, these tiles can withstand heavy foot traffic, machinery and equipment, ensuring long-lasting, reliable performance. You can trust that our floor tiles will remain in pristine condition even in the most demanding environments.

As proud advocates of environmental responsibility, we take pride in manufacturing products that are environmentally friendly. Our garage floor tiles are made from high-quality PVC material, ensuring that they are not only durable, but also environmentally friendly. By choosing our eco-friendly floor tiles, you can contribute to a greener, cleaner world without compromising on quality and functionality.

Safety is paramount, which is why our plastic workshop floor tiles have impressive anti-slip features. The checkerboard pattern on the surface provides excellent grip and prevents accidental slips. No matter how demanding your workshop activities are, our floor tiles will always keep you and your colleagues safe.

In addition to being durable and safe, this solid type interlocking floor tiles for workshop are also extremely soft and comfortable. Whether you stand for long periods of time or work on projects that require standing, the soft, comfortable surface of our floor tiles will significantly reduce fatigue and discomfort. You can now focus on your work without worrying about discomfort and stress.

This type checker plate PVC workshop floor tile offer a unique combination of wear resistance, environmental friendliness, slip resistance and comfort. Featuring impressive durability and model K13-71 design, these 50x50 cm tiles are the perfect choice for any garage or workshop environment. Transform your space into a safe, attractive and functional area with our exceptional plastic workshop floor tiles. Choose quality, choose durability, choose our checkered PVC floor tiles.

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