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Polypropylene Click Vinyl Floor Paving Tiles PP Locking Mats for Sports Venues

Brief Introduction:

We are proud to introduce innovative and highly versatile polypropylene (PP) suspended floors, designed for a variety of sports venues. Whether you are building a basketball court, volleyball court, tennis court or badminton court, our PP suspended floors are the perfect solution for optimal sports performance and protection.

PP suspended floors provide an ideal solution for sports venue flooring.  K10-47 measures 34cm*34cm*14mm and weighs 295 grams each. It is specially designed for gyms to provide a comfortable sports environment and protect athletes’ joints and muscles. Easy installation and maintenance, along with a choice of vibrant colors, make our polypropylene click vinyl flooring pavers the perfect choice for any sports venue. Invest in our superior flooring systems to give athletes the best surface they deserve.

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Technical Data

Product Name: Pp Interlocking Vinyl Flooring Tile
Product Type: Pure color,DIY design
Model: K10-47
Size (L*W*T): 34cm*34cm*14mm
Material: superior polypropylene copolymer
Unit Weight: 295g/pc
Connection With 4 interlocking slot clasps per side
Packing Mode: Standard export carton
Application: Ball court,sports venues,leisure centers,square,children’s playground,kindergarten,park
Certificate: ISO9001, ISO14001, CE
Technical Information Shock Absorption55%

ball bounce rate≥95%

Warranty: 3 years
Product Life: Over 10 years
OEM: Acceptable

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1.Material:premium polypropylene copolymer which has excellent pressure resistance and wear resistance. It can withstand long-term use and heavy pressure and is not easy to be damaged or deformed.

2.Moisture-proof and waterproof: PP suspended floor is not afraid of moisture and water. Its special structure and materials make it have good waterproof performance. It will not mold, deform or rot even when used in humid or humid environments.

3.Color option: customized according to the needs of customers

4.Easy installation: The PP suspended floor is designed with a unique splicing system that can be easily assembled and disassembled without the use of glue or other adhesives, saving time and effort, and the floor installation can be completed quickly.

5.Shock-absorbing and flame-retardant: PP suspended floors usually have good shock-absorbing and sound-absorbing properties, which can reduce the impact caused by walking or jumping on the floor and reduce noise. In addition, it also has certain flame retardancy and can effectively prevent fires.

6.Multifunctional use: Due to the special design and performance of PP suspended floor, it can be widely used in a variety of places, such as gymnasiums, gyms, dance studios, exhibition halls, warehouses, etc., providing users with a comfortable and safe experience.


Our flagship product K10-47 is a floor tile of exceptional quality and durability. These PP suspended floor tiles are precisely sized at 34cm*34cm*14mm and weigh 295g each, making them ideal for gyms and sports fields.

One of the main advantages of our PP suspended floors is their ability to create a comfortable sports environment, ensuring the well-being and safety of athletes. By using this advanced flooring system, athletes can enjoy greater shock absorption and reduced impact on joints and muscles. This feature is especially important in high-intensity sports, where athletes are constantly moving and subject to repeated impacts.

Not only do our polypropylene click-on vinyl floor pavers perform great, they are easy to install and maintain. Click lock mechanism allows for quick and easy installation, saving valuable time and effort. Plus, their low-maintenance nature means you can focus more on playing instead of worrying about cleaning and maintenance.

 The versatility of our flooring systems goes beyond their capabilities. Our PP suspended floors are available in a variety of bright colors, allowing you to customize the look of your sports field. From vibrant blues to vibrant yellows, you can create the perfect atmosphere that reflects team spirit and energy.

 Additionally, the durability of our polypropylene click vinyl floor pavers ensures long-lasting performance. High-quality materials resist wear, tear and impact, ensuring your sports facility remains in tip-top shape even with heavy use. With our flooring, you can be assured of a safe and high-performance surface for athletes and athletes to pursue their passions without compromising on quality.

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