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Plastic Floor Tile PP Interlocking Sports Court Tiles Kindergarten Perforated Modular Flooring

Brief Introduction:

K10-1316 interlocking outdoor sport floor tiles is made of high-quality materials,  high-density polypropylene (PP). This plastic floor tile is designed to provide maximum performance and longevity. Measuring 25cm x 25cm and 1.35cm thick, these tiles offer the perfect balance between stability and comfort. Each tile weighs only 190 grams, making installation and maintenance a breeze.It’s mainly suitable for various sports venues, such as indoor and outdoor gymnasiums, basketball courts, badminton halls, table tennis halls, gyms, etc. It is also suitable for children’s play areas, school playgrounds, public leisure areas and other places to provide a good sports and entertainment environment.

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Technical Data

Product Name: PP Modular Sport Floor Tiles
Product Type: Double layer
Model: K10-1316
Size (L*W*T): 25cm*25cm*1.35cm
Material: Environmental polypropylene PP
Unit Weight: 190g/pc
Linking Method: Connect with 5 clasps
Packing Mode: Standard export carton
Application: sport venues like basketball courts, tennis courts, badminton courts, volleyball courts, and football fields,children's playgrounds, kindergartens,Fitness area,public leisure places ,parks, squares, and scenic spots
Certificate: ISO9001, ISO14001, CE
Warranty: 3 years
Product Life: Over 10 years
OEM: Acceptable

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1.Shock absorption and protection: PP plastic sport flooring tiles has good shock absorption properties, which can effectively reduce the impact on the body during exercise and reduce the risk of injury to athletes. It can provide a safer and more comfortable environment for sports and reduce the occurrence of sports injuries.

2. Durability and Wear Resistance: modular basketball floor tile is made of high-strength polypropylene material with excellent durability and wear resistance. It can withstand high-intensity exercise and frequent use without damage, maintaining a long service life.

3. Easy to install and disassemble: polypropylene sport court flooring tile adopts a simple assembly structure, which is very convenient to install and disassemble. It does not need to be pasted or fixed on the ground and can be quickly installed and removed, saving time and labor costs.

4.Environmentally friendly and recyclable:  PP perforated court flooring tile is made of polypropylene material and has high environmental protection. It can be reused, recycled and reused, reducing the impact on the environment.

5.Anti-skid and waterproof: The surface of the grip-lock tiles is designed with anti-skid texture, which can provide good anti-skid performance and reduce the risk of slipping during exercise. It also has excellent waterproof performance, is not corroded by moisture, and is suitable for humid environments.


One of the key features of the K10-1316 interlocking splicing floor tile is its non-slip surface. Slippery floors can pose serious risks, especially in areas involving physical activity. However, these polypropylene flooring tiles are specifically designed to solve this problem, providing reliable traction and reducing the chance of slips and falls. Whether you are building a basketball court, gymnasium, or any other sports facility, our tiles ensure safety and enhance performance.

It’s designed with drainage, making them ideal for areas prone to moisture accumulation. Not only are wet floors inconvenient, they can also cause hygiene problems. This Plastic modular tiles feature a unique drainage system that allows water to flow seamlessly through the gaps, ensuring quick drying and preventing the growth of bacteria or mold. You can say goodbye to stagnant water and hello to a cleaner, safer environment.

This type of modular drainage floor tiles provides a solid and stable foundation for any activity. Whether you're participating in a high-intensity sport or just setting up a relaxation area, these tiles provide a safe foundation. The interlocking mechanism ensures the tiles stay securely in place, eliminating any concerns of shifting or shifting during use.

It has huge application potential. From professional sports venues and fitness centers to backyards and game rooms, these plastic modular tiles can transform any space into a functional and beautiful environment. The versatility of our products allows them to meet the needs of various sporting activities such as basketball, volleyball, badminton, and even martial arts.

Its advantages beyond the sports industry. Its adaptability makes it an excellent choice for trade shows, exhibitions and events that require temporary and portable flooring solutions. Its simple installation and removal process and lightweight design make it very practical in such situations.In summary, the K10-1316 patchwork floor tile is an innovative solution that combines advanced production technology, application versatility and superior functionality. Whether you need a durable flooring option for a professional sports field or are looking for a portable solution for your event, these plastic floor tiles will exceed your expectations. Buy our K10-1316 vinyl drainage anti-skid flooring tile today and bring a new level of safety, convenience and style to your space.

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