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About the Load Test of Modular Interlocking Tiles


1. First, look at the appearance. There are no cracks, blisters, or poor plasticization on the surface. There are no burrs on the front of the floor. The thickness of the feet on the back of the floor is uniform. The ribs are well-proportioned. The material is evenly filled. There are no holes on the surface.

Secondly, look at the color. Virgin material products are brighter in color, crystal clear and have a better smooth finish. Products with recycled materials are dull in color, and there are fine white particles visible in the material. Color masterbatch (color powder) is the key to color matching. Use a good color masterbatch to produce uniform color, fade slowly and evenly, and will not cause local fading. Qualified products: Bright colors, full gloss, bright colors (such as bright red, yellow) slightly transparent.

2. A good product must have both flexibility and hardness. A product that is too soft may have flexibility, but cannot meet the bounce rate requirements of the ball, and does not meet the functional requirements of a sports venue. A product that is too hard may meet the bounce rate requirements of the ball, but because it has no flexibility, its very brittle and easy to break. Especially in winter when the temperature is suddenly cold, the product is easily brittle and affects its service life. In addition, some inferior products can be broken by your hand.

3. Products produced with low-quality and low-price recycled materials have an unpleasant smell. Such products have extremely poor weather resistance and seriously affect their service life. Chayo flooring products are produced from 100% pure virgin materials without any odor, ensuring product quality.

4. Chayo flooring is independently completed from the selection of virgin materials to the modification of PP, ensuring the quality of the product from the source, making the product anti-aging, UV-resistant, high-temperature-resistant, and low-temperature-resistant, while ensuring the product hardness. Increases the toughness of the product and ensures its service life. If a product of unqualified quality is folded in half or the floor lock buckle is pulled hard, it will be broken into two pieces. A product that is too soft cannot achieve the rebound rate of a ball.

5. The main materials of modular interlocking tiles are modified polypropylene and thermoplastic elastomer. However, there are some unscrupulous businessmen in order to reduce costs, they add talcum powder or calcium carbonate to PP materials. These materials cannot integrate into the molecular chain of PP, which will greatly affect the service life of the product and greatly reduce the sports performance of the floor. If you hold a modular interlocking tile and it feels heavy in your hands, you can determine that the floor has a certain amount of talcum powder or stone powder added to it. The specific method can be to place the product on the bottom of a basin filled with water and observe its rising speed. The genuine product has a density of 0.93 g/cm2 and floats on the water. Products with talcum powder or stone powder will sink to the bottom or float very slowly due to their high density.

6. Put two tiles of the same model together and touch the joints on the floor surface with your hands. If there is no obvious concave and convex feeling, the product is qualified. (Note: The laboratory stipulates that the data of qualified flooring is floor flatness <0.5MM)

Post time: Mar-08-2024