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Chayo Exhibits at the 83rd China Educational Equipment Exhibition

The 83rd China Educational Equipment Exhibition was recently held in Chongqing, attracting education equipment suppliers and professional visitors from across the country. Among them, Chayo Company, as one of the education equipment suppliers, also participated in this grand event. At the exhibition, Chayo showcased its new product series, including anti-slip mats, anti-slip adhesives, and swimming pool membranes.


One of Chayo’s best-selling products is the anti-slip mat, made from environmentally friendly PVC material, with excellent anti-slip and wear-resistant properties. It is suitable for floor laying in schools, kindergartens, gymnasiums, and other places. This mat not only prevents students and faculty from slipping during walking but also reduces floor wear and extends its service life, receiving unanimous praise from customers.


In addition, Chayo also introduced anti-slip adhesive products, which have excellent adhesion and weather resistance, preventing slipping on various types of surfaces such as tiles, floors, and cement floors, and ensuring the safety of teachers and students. The product is widely used in schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and other places.


Furthermore, Chayo showcased swimming pool membrane products made from environmentally friendly PVC materials and innovative processes, with good waterproof performance and durability, protecting the internal structure of swimming pools and prolonging their service life, favored by many swimming pool managers.


By participating in the 83rd China Educational Equipment Exhibition, Chayo not only showcased its anti-slip product series to the industry but also engaged in in-depth communication and cooperation with numerous customers and partners, making positive contributions to the development of the education equipment industry. It is believed that in the future, Chayo will continue to devote itself to the research and development of more high-quality products, making greater contributions to the cause of education and social development.

Post time: May-14-2024